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Channel 10 (Hebrew: ערוץ עשר‎, romanized: Arutz Eser), formerly known as Israel 10 (Hebrew: ישראל 10‎, romanized: Yisra'el Eser), was an Israeli free-to-air television channel. Operating under the auspices of The Second Authority for Television and Radio, Channel 10 was one of three commercial television channels in Israel (others being Keshet 12 and Reshet 13), enjoying an average television ratings (in its main news program) of Share TV 6.5% (2011).

Despite the name, the channel was actually broadcast on channel 14 from 1 November 2017 until its closure on 16 January 2019.

Channel 10 underwent a merger with rival network Reshet 13 (of Reshet), and this channel ceased transmissions on 16 January 2019. Some programs from Channel 10 moved over to Reshet 13. For news programmes, the merged company took resources from Channel 10's news production company.

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