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Channel 2 (Hebrew: ערוץ שתיים‎, romanized: Arutz Shtaim), also called "The Second Channel" (Hebrew: הערוץ השני‎, romanized: HaArutz HaSheni) was an Israeli commercial television channel. It started doing experimental broadcasts funded by the television tax. The channel started commercial broadcasting in 4 November 1993 regulated and managed by The Second Authority for Television and Radio. In its first years, the channel was operated by three broadcasters ("Keshet", "Reshet", and "Telad"), and in 2005 only two broadcasters were left while "Telad" stopped broadcasting due to its loss in the Second Authority's auction.

In 31 October 2017, 24 years after the Channel started broadcasting, it got closed and split into two new channels: Keshet 12 and Reshet 13. After the split, the News Company that was founded with the Channel, keeps broadcasting news in both of the channels parallelly.

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